Wuxi Jin Shun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a global Professional Company LED lighting products. The company headquarters is located in the beautiful Yumizhixiang - Wuxi. Company's existing staff of more than 100 people, is a research and development design, production and sales as one of the professional engaged in LED lighting industry enterprises. Kim Shun lighting efforts to develop and produce high efficiency, energy saving, green LED products;

  As a professional manufacturer, in this new and rapid development of LED lighting field, the golden light from the details of the product quality management, and to bring convenience and satisfaction, while adhering to continuous innovation technology, open up the LED engineering application products, so that the LED lamps in engineering lighting has been widely used.

  Company to the quality of survival, reputation and development, sincerely hope that the new and old customers to visit the guidance. Jin Shun lighting is willing to work with you hand in hand, create a win-win situation!


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