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300 Flood light

High-quality Jinshun cast lamp, lens lighting design, the whole lamp scientific layout, waterproof and dust-proof. Narrow beam lighting design, round / square / rectangle and other spot design, each angle has a variety of different sizes, soft cut-off lines, clear spot to choose from. Can be used as high-quality spotlights, sculpture spotlights, green plant cast lights, pole spotlights, bridge spotlights, eaves eaves cast lights, hotel door head decorative lights, pull film lights, roof lights.



Suitable for green plants, bridges, eaves, sculptures, roofs, etc. Complete casting options and budgets are available.

Special features of 300 flood light

300 flood light: Light effect and planning aid

Lighting tool

Light distribution

Configure LED light

LED power
75W75W - 90W90W
LED lumens
1700 lm1700lm - 10000lm10000 lm
Light distribution
Color temperature
Beam angle
Art. No. Lighting tool Light distribution LED power LED lumens Control Mode