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TL-3 360°Wall Light

With 360 degree and 180 degree light angle, it's mainly used for grand shopping mall, modern design hotel, business center with liner facade requirement, luxury hotel exteriors, unique architectural facades.



colourful lighting with DMX512 control mode





Combination of point and line, completion of surface lighting, both lighting efficiency, but also decorative efficiency. Suitable for indoor and outdoor wall lighting, balconies, exterior walls, corridors, courtyard views, landmarks and so on. Existing RGB, gradually dimming, can interact with music , used for ceilings, replacing light strips.

Special features of 360 degree wall light

360 degree wall light: Light effect and planning aid

Lighting tool

Light distribution

Configure LED light

LED power
6W6W - 20W20W
LED lumens
50 lm50lm - 1000lm1000 lm
Light distribution
Color temperature
Art. No. Lighting tool Light distribution LED power LED lumens Control Mode