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Narrow beam wall washer light

Mainly used for architectural lighting purpose , especially facade lighting,building outline lighting,outdoor wall , pillar and so on. the lighting will improve the atmosphere of the building.




1/2/6/12/18 reflectors, size could be changed based on request;
supporting 3000/5000K/single color/dimmable;
CREE chip,Meanwell driver, quality guarantee;
the cut-off line is clear, farther than the general wall lamp projection distance;
The building will be more luxurious, attracting tourists and passers-by;
Mainly used for architectural lighting, such as facade lighting, architectural outline, exterior lighting, column lighting and so on.
Different color temperatures are available on request.
All technical data are subject to industry standard tolerances.

Special features of Indoor down light

in-ground light: Light effect and planning aid

Lighting tool

Light distribution

Configure LED light

LED power
2W2W - 60W60W
LED lumens
100 lm100lm - 1500lm1500 lm
Light distribution
Color temperature
Art. No. Lighting tool Light distribution LED power LED lumens Control Mode