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WL-4 Up and Down Wall Light

The up and down wall lamp has a clear edge line, aluminum shell, can be integrated with the building, multiple light distribution is suitable for different scenes, 5 degrees, 15 degrees, 65 degrees, 110 degrees and multiple angles are available.



Widely used in architectural lighting, especially facade lighting, historical building exterior wall lighting, pillar lighting, green landscape lighting, bars, banquet halls and other entertainment atmosphere lighting.

Special features of LED Up and down wall light

LED Up and down wall light: Light effect and planning aid

Lighting tool

Light distribution

Configure LED light

LED power
15W15W - 30W30W
LED lumens
300 lm300lm - 700lm700 lm
Light distribution
Color temperature
Beam angle
Art. No. Lighting tool Light distribution LED power LED lumens Control Mode